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We will help you getting a truly operational strategy – all the way from survey to implementation:

Have you been wondering how to strengthen your city or city districts?
We have delivered operational strategies based on our surveys made in great cities around Scandinavia. The challenge cities are facing is that decision power is now spread out to a larger group of people including politicians, city officials, landlords and shop owners. Most can agree on a common goal where you have a city full of people, cultural activities, good stores, restaurant etc. The disagreement usually comes when deciding on how to get there. A municipality is thinking 20 years ahead, a landlord maybe five years in the future, while the retailer has tomorrow’s turnover in focus. To get this process started, you need a common plan that takes the different planning periods and financial framework into consideration. This is what reteam group does. Our strategies embrace both the need for immediate change, as well as a long-term plan. It is not only what we do, but also how we do it. While developing our strategy, we arrange for three workshops where all parties are invited. We make sure that the possibilities and challenges for each party is understood. At the end of the process, everybody knows the strengths and weaknesses and how to support each other.

The strategy itself is very operational. There are clear recommendations for each area in the city/city districts; what kind of events are suitable for this area, how can the public area be improved, or what type of tenants are missing, etc. After the final workshop, we establish small groups each consisting of representation from the municipality, landlords and tenants. This is when the implementation begins.In the initial phase you want to show the inhabitants that things are happening right away.

Thanks to reteam groups unique understanding of the city landscape and how to improve it, the Association of Swedish City Districts appointed reteam group as preferred partner already in 2013.

Read more, download reteam cities brochure >>>

Track Record & Clients
Cities do not see themselves as real competitors as shopping centers do. Once we started developing strategies for cities, our clients were telling other cities in the region about reteam group. As a result we have developed strategies for a number of Swedish cities: Gothenburg Gamlestaden, Halmstad,  Kävlinge, Karlstad, Helsingborg, Karlskrona, Varberg, Luleå, Uppsala, Malmö, Gothenburg Frihamnen, Lund, Växjö, Trelleborg, Älmhult, Karlshamn, Karlskrona smaller villages, Gothenburg Region City, Lund Västerbro, Osby, Trelleborg smaller villages  and Hässleholm. We have also been working on several projects in Copenhagen, Vaerlöse, KAB (Sydhavnen), Amagerbrogade, Blokhus, Glostrup, Fredensborg and many more in Denmark as well as in the USA, Finland and Den Haag in the Netherlands.

“It’s now bubbling and buzzing among the municipality and the landlords, which you have probably noticed – very cool!” Jenny Rungegård, Head of Växjö Citysamverkan, Sweden.

“Reteam’s work is so great and different and you can take their proposals and immediately start working to implement them.” Mats André, Business Developer, Municipality of Lund, Sweden.

“Reteam did the strategy and presented it for all of us – the municipality, the property owners and the retailers. Next meeting I had with one of the major property owners in our city (an international bank) went extremely well! All of a sudden they listened to what I had to say – for the first time! We spoke the same language, pretty amazing, the development of the city is finally going in the right direction… ” Mayor of a city just outside Copenhagen, Denmark.
(Who and where this was will be reviled when the mayor says go….)

The award we received as property consultant of the year had this justification that really says it all:
In a segment where the customers’ customers are ruthless in its pursuit of new experiences are property owners facing demands for constant innovation in order to survive. The Real Estate Partner of the year represents the experience and competence required and has thus contributed to success and tangible results for their clients. This Real Estate Partner has contributed to the development and transformation of a vast number of retail destinations with an impressive extensive client list. On behalf of municipalities and organizations they are active in several urban development projects in order to revitalize the city downtown to meet the competition of the external retail parks.Read the full justification >>>


Check out one of the powerful tools we use when developing retail spaces – click on the mind16 logo and go to the mind16 mini test. It’s great fun and takes about 5 minutes. You get the result right away.

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