Lets make the world a better place, education is the way forward.

In 2011 a daughter of one of the reteam group founder went to Nepal to do some voluntary work. When she came home she told us a fantastic story… and here we are, sending money every month keeping a school running with 120 pupils – mostly kids from India without Nepalese citizenship. The money goes directly into the teachers bank account – nothing lost on the way.


Here’s Laura’s story: The first time I met Villy Chettri, I knew she was something special. It did not take long before she told me about a small community near her home, where around 150 Indian families live under extremely harsh conditions. The families migrated to Nepal with the hope of finding work, but have been neglected due to their Indian heritage, and are making a ‘living’ by palm reading and collecting plastic bags. Villy started by going to the community and collecting  clothes and buying medicine for her own money. She is Indian herself and is therefore able to speak with the families.

She was very eager for starting a community-based school for the children teaching basic skills of English, mathematics and personal hygiene but had no funds or NGOs to support her. This became a reality in 2011 when reteam group and a number of other donors gathered funds for establishing a school for the children and money for covering basic medicine needs.
To this day, the school has been running for three years.. Besides school supplies, these donations cover two wages, transportation for the two teachers, medicine and rent for the school premises. The objective with the project is to improve basic living standards for the community through basic education for the families.

Hey guys!!! A 100 bucks a month will take these kids so far you have no idea…

… and the best part is that the money goes directly to whom it is supposed to go to.
No middle men or middle organisations.

So if you want to join this movement, just send Laura a mail and join her efforts. laura_heiberg (at)

Every time we (reteam) have the pleasure of finalizing a lease, we donate an extra contribution to a school in Nagaland, earlier Mero Pathshala. Here is why.

Introduction by teacher Villy Chettri:

The founder and teacher, Villy Chettri, moved and therefore she restarted the school in India. She teaches the children English and basic math, but also about the importance of hygiene for example. The parents are proud to see their children developing and learning. The new school is located in Nagaland and holds about 40 children today and hoping to get bigger. Reteam helps to make it possible.

If you want to contribute, don’t hesitate to contact Laura Heiberg at reteam’s Unite department.

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