How do you get the best stores in your city or shopping center?
By educating your retailers… It’s fun, it boosts energy and the results are amazing.

Upgrade Stores give shop owners competence and concrete tools and guidance on how to improve their stores and reach their full potential.

It’s a workshop based product set over an approximately 3-5 month’s period to ensure implementation of strategy and action.
This product is particularly useful for local retailers with limited resources, although even chain stores owned by a local partner benefits from participating.

To enhance the shopping experience and optimize the sales, reteam group offer Upgrade Stores to landlords, retailers, shopping centers, municipalities, city associations, BID’s etc. that want to create an attractive place and improve the stores physical appearance.

Upgrade Stores helps store participants increase their turnover, get better cooperation between the stores and spark new energy and desire to develop their stores further.
In bringing stores together you will get a city or chopping mall where store owners learn from each other, share ideas and where everybody become each other’s best ambassadors.

For more information contact Kathrine Heiberg / kh (at) reteamgroup.com / +45 2991 5089

Number of Upgrade Stores


“This is the best thing that has happened to my shop since I started 15 years ago. I am so pleased and happy with the result of my shop.” Kristina, shop owner, Brillor å Sånt, Optician

“I think it was fun and valuable. I try to think in new tracks every day.” Lovisa, employee, Liebling, Fashion woman/Lifestyle shop

“Thanks for all your amazing and professional advice on how we can improve our store. I think this is top-notch!!”
Erika, shop owner, La Leia, Lingerie

“I’m very grateful for the inspiration and initiative with the reteam project.” Johanna, shop owner, Blomsterpigan, Home/Flower shop

“I want to thank you for all the tips and advice. I have learned a lot. It was very rewarding to be involved in the project. I will keep in mind a lot of ideas about how I can develop my shop.” Sara, store manager, Scorett, Shoes

“I can see a significant difference of the look in the store. Great fun!” Maria, shop owner, Flique i Underjorden, Fashion Woman

“To evaluate each other’s stores were absolutely fantastic; it’s so good to see your own store with different eyes.” Gunilla, franchisee,  Pressbyrån, Food retail/Kiosk

“Thanks for all the help! I’m so happy with all the changes in the store – and the customers are too! I would never have implemented it on my own without your help.” Shelley, shop owner, Ultimate Cake, Home/Specialist shop (baking accessories)

Before Upgrade Stores

Window display before Upgrade Stores – A low budget window

Window display after Upgrade Stores – A low budget improvement

Before Upgrade Stores

Table merchandising before Upgrade Stores – Not to bad

Table merchandising after Upgrade Stores – At no cost, even better

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