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reteam group awarded The Real Estate Partner of the year by ØRESUNDSINSITITUTET

“To be a successful partner involves giving best possible advice and assist its clients’ and its activities.
A partner is rarely the one who yields the results from a successful strategy or a profitable business, however can often be the one who is the key to the successful result. To be a partner requires knowledge, competence but also courage to remain independent and to endure when the wind blows.
With this award we want to reward a Real Estate Partner that in a commendable way has provided its clients with success and results!”


“In a segment where the customers’ customers are ruthless in its pursuit of new experiences are property owners facing demands for constant innovation in order to survive.
The Real Estate Partner of the year represents the experience and competence required and has thus contributed to success and tangible results for their clients.
This Real Estate Partner has contributed to the development and transformation of a vast number of retail destinations with an impressive extensive client list.
On behalf of municipalities and organizations they are active in several urban development projects in order to revitalize the city downtown to meet the competition of the external retail parks.”

In London Kathrine Heiberg is awarded the ICSC global gold medal for her work in the ERG (European research group).

Kathrine is the first one ever from Scandinavia to get this prestigious recognition – only given to forty people throughout the world.
“The 15 members being honored in these two new categories this year join that earlier prestigious global group of researchers who have gone the extra step in sharing their time, talents and efforts with the ICSC community. I am pleased to acknowledge their contributions,” said Mr. Lambert Director of Research of ICSC.

reteam news

Business Today TV, South Africa – Profiling shoppers helps malls

210101 reteamgroup signs new consultant contract with NCC Helsinki Finland.

201001 reteamgroups Swedish sister company Charlottenberg Group has established the publishing company “Heartland Rockhouse” >>>

190801 reteamgroup and friends buys a shopping center in Denmark. Check it out >>>

181201 reteam group hq moves from the Mountain to Bloxhub in Copenhagen downtown. Check it out here >>>

170228 Jacques Sinke interviewed in leading Dutch national newspaper Algemeen Dagblad about why some shopping centers are facing problems and how to solve it. Read the article (google translate) or watch it (in Deutch) here >>>

160728 Jacques Sinke has accepted the invitation to be a judge for the South African Council of Shopping Centres – SACSC Footprint Marketing Awards 2016. Judging to be completed on Monday 8th August 2016

151130 reteam group South Africa moves HQ from Johannesburg to Pretoria.

150123 reteam group opens office in Melrose, Johannesburg, South Africa

150115 reteam group joins as partner in development project with shopping streets, offices, housing and  including 150.000 sqm shopping center

140902 reteam group opens representation office in Cannes, France

140710 reteam group appoints Sandra Holm as business developer for mind16.

140409 Johannesburg Business Day TV, South Africa >>>

140327 ICSC appoints new Marketing Group Chair.
Jacques Sinke, CEO, Reteam International has been appointed as the Chair of the newly established ICSC European Marketing Group. The formal announcement of this new ICSC Specialist Working Group will take place at the ICSC European Conference being held in Istanbul, Turkey in April next week. >>>

131201 reteam group appoints  Jacques Sinke CEO of reteam international

130512 reteam group develop Carlsberg city retail in Copenhagen – English – Swedish – Danish

130827 reteam plans for new offices in Turkey, Austria and France 2014

130501 reteam is appointed prefered partner for Svenska Stadskärnor
(Swedish City association) >>>

120206 reteam opens office in Poland

120124 reteam opens representation office in Canada

reteam is also proud to be acknowledged as a AAA rated company.
reteam is
also proud to announce the appointment as a Gazelle (successful fast growing five years in a row) company.

reteam speaks


210609 UK, Webinar –  ULI – A New City Centre – the changing role of retail, office & the department store (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

210316 Denmark, Webinar –  Retail Market 2021 – The successful shopping mall (Kathrine Heiberg)

200116 Denmark, Copenhagen – Retail Conference 2020 – The good transformation (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

190918 Sweden Stockholm – Business Arena – Does and don’ts: When in the Nordics…(Kathrine Heiberg)

190918 Sweden Stockholm – Business Arena – Future business models for real estate owners (Kathrine Heiberg)

190614 Denmark Copenhagen – Downtown Denver Partnership – Perspective on why cities, landlords and retailers/service providers need to change their behavior in order to become relevant to consumers (Kathrine Heiberg)

190612 Denmark Copenhagen – Downtown Denver Partnership – Achieving Life Between the building/Challenges & opportunities for retail in Carlsberg City District (Kathrine Heiberg)

190523 UK, London – Business Arena – The Danish Retail Investment Market (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

181009 Denmark Copenhagen – Estate Media The new legislation for retail – What kind of retail should a city offer to cover needs and wants of inhabitants (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

180911 Sweden Gothenburg, Property Expo – City development in the Nordics, methods, culture and praxis (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

180530 Sweden, Västervik – Svenska Stadskärnors yearly conference 2018 –  Pre Seminar, Parking parking parking, result of 25000 interviews (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

180523 The Netherlands, Amsterdam, ULI – What will successful retail look like in the future?- (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

180321 France, Paris – Magdus, the European Factory Outlet Centres Observatory – Place Making in Outlet Centrers (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

171016 Poland, Warsaw – Urban Landscape Institute – Leading Central Europe’s cities into transformation (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

170912 Germany, Berlin – ICSC Europe – Innovation forum (Kathrine Heiberg)

170523 Finland, Helsinki – Bonnier Real Estate Event – How new shopping centres in the Helsinki region will manage to separate from each other & what customers will expect in the future (Mads Tamborg)

170518 Sweden, Varberg – Svenska Stadskärnors yearly conference 2017 – This is what you need to know in order to get people to use your city center more (Kathrine Heiberg)

170427 Denmark, Copenhagen Estate Media – Trend watch – Grocery stores 5 years forward (Kathrine Heiberg)

170406 Sweden, Gothenburg Business Arena From experience to volume (Kathrine Heiberg)

170329 Italy, Milano – Consiglio Nazionale dei Centri Commerciali – Social impact of shopping centers (Mads Tamborg) >>>

170223 South Africa, Sandton – Shopping Centre Management Conference – Shopping center development and comparison of European and African retailing (Kathrine Heiberg)

170222 Sweden, Umeå Business Arena  How do the city benefit from retail, the latest trends (Sandra Holm)

170127 UK, London European Research Group, ICSC – Reflections on the future of supermarkets (Kathrine Heiberg)



170125 Denmark, Rødovre Estate Media Expansion of stores and future demands from consumers (Kathrine Heiberg)

161116 France, Cannes – reteam group Cannes office – The square brain Table – Retail Curation; what, why, how (Kathrine Heiberg)

161011 Sweden, Stockholm – Sweden Urban Arena. Do it right: “Dutch cities coping with the loss of their largest retailer” (Jacques Sinke) >>>

160929 Germany, Frankfurt – Internos – What you need to understand to get the most out of your retail real estate investment (Kathrine Heiberg)

160927 Denmark, Copenhagen – Byens Ejendomme – Skal shoppingcentre udvikle sig til samlinger af boxbutikker? (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

160922 Sweden, Stockholm – Business Arena. Location, location, location, how come some shopping malls do not succeed even though they are in a good location? (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

160914 Poland, Warszaw – Nordic Council of Shoppingcenters NCSC – Differences between Polish and Nordic consumers (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

160623 Germany, Hamburg – European research group ICSC. Consumer designed shopping centers (Kathrine Heiberg) 160609 Germany, Berlin – ICSC European Marketing Conference – How marketing can create added value to your organization (Jacques Sinke) >>>

160525 Sweden, Örebro – Svenska Stadskärnor Yearly meeting. Upgrade Stores, the right process is more important than high cost (Isabella Brodén/Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

160429 Kazakhstan, Astana – Commercial Real Estate (CRE) week 2016 Consumer designed shopping centers (Sandra Holm) >>>

160414 Sweden, Malmö – Business Arena. What is waiting around the corner for retail? (Kathrine Heiberg)

160330 South Africa, Sandton– Proudly South Africa. Retailers and wholesalers – A vital cog in the buy local wheel (Kathrine Heiberg)

160322 UK, London – ICSC SPREE. From Specialty Leasing to Retail Curating: The Rise of the Retail Curator (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

151115 Germany, Berlin – ICSC Retail Strategy & Trends Forum. The consumer-designed shopping centre. (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

151015 UK, London – retail property analyst “The iGeneration” Appetite for disruption. The making of retail destinations. (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

150916 Denmark, Copenhagen, – Byens Ejendom “Shopping malls – developments that will create growth 2016 – 2025” Is events and experiences the shopping malls response to the internet? (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

150521 Sweden, Kristianstad, – Svenska Stadskärnor Preseminar “And now what?” About implimenting the strategy.(Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

150505 Slovakia, Bratislava – ICSC Slovak national committee “Next generation trends of shopping center strategies” (Jacques Sinke) >>>

150327 South Africa, Durban – SASC – Shopping center development according to consumers wants and needs.(Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

150325 Denmark, Copenhagen – Estate Media – City development (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

150305 Turkey, Istanbul – AYD VII Shopping Center Conference – How to make the consumer happy.(Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

150127 Denmark, Copenhagen – Estate Media – Retail Property 2015, Trends and tendenses in retail. (Jacques Sinke) >>>

141128 Italy, Milan – ICSC Strategy and Trend seminar.  Panel moderator on the topic; The regeneration of the city.(Kathrine Heiberg)

140919 Denmark, Copenhagen – Turkish counsil of shopping centers (Kathrine Heiberg)

140908 Russia, Moscow – ICSC Russian Inter IKEA property seminar (Kathrine Heiberg)

140821 South Africa, Cape Town – SACS – “Refurbishment strategies based on consumer understanding” (Kathrine Heiberg)

140625 Scotland, Dundee – Association of Town & City Management – Become a “Great Place” by understanding your customer. (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

140609 Sweden, Trelleborg – Fastighetsägarna Syd – ” How to transfer theories into operational action plans – 3 cases”.(Kathrine Heiberg)

140523 Sweden, Ystad – Fastighetsägarna Syd – ”How to transfer theories into operational action plans – 3 cases”.(Kathrine Heiberg)

140521 Sweden, Västerås – Svenska Stadskärnor – ”How come empty stores are not leased?” (Kathrine Heiberg)

140428 Sweden, Lund – Fastighetsägarna Syd – The attractive city (Kathrine Heiberg) >

140424 Poland, Warszaw- PRCH Investors Club – Shopping Center revitalization – how to create a desirable shopping place (Marek Cichocki)

140411 The Netherlands, Utrecht – SDIT – How to develop strategies for cities (Jacques Sinke) >>>

140409 South Africa, Johannesburg – SACS – Consumer demografic in a new context – mind16  (Kathrine Heiberg)>>>

140402 Turkey, Istanbul – ICSC – round table hosting(Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

140325 Sweden, Malmö – Malmö Citysamverkan – Development of retail in downtown (Kathrine Heiberg)

140227 Norway, Oslo – NCSC – Consumer segmentation – mind16 (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

140226 Denmark, Copenhagen – Byens Ejendom -Development of Carlsberg (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

140218 Turkey, Istanbul – ICSC – Strategic planning and marketing plan (Kathrine Heiberg)

140128 Denmark, Copenhagen – Estate Media – Optimizing and renovating shopping centres (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

140123 Denmark, Copenhagen – Byens Ejendom – Where is the retail industry heading (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

130830 Finland, Helsinki – Retail Seminar NCC (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

130618 Sweden, Malmö – Connect Skane, Scandigration(Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

130613 Denmark, Copenhagen – Swedish young in real estate, Carlsberg retail planning (Kathrine Heiberg)

130606 Romania, Bucharest – Romanian retail mixer, Future(Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

130605 Russia, Moscow – Rex & RCSC, master class strategic leasing and crm (Kathrine Heiberg) >>>

130530 Sweden, Visby – Swedish City cores seminar(Kathrine Heiberg)

130430 Denmark, Copenhagen – Carlsberg byen, New city area (Kathrine Heiberg)

130426 Russia, Moskow – Russian RCSC master class(Kathrine Heiberg)

130418 Sweden, Malmö – Business Arena, Living Cities(Kathrine Heiberg)

130417 Sweden, Stockholm – ICSC Europe Conference(Kathrine Heiberg)

130411 Sweden, Gothenburg – Business Arena, Living Cities(Kathrine Heiberg)

130410 Denmark, Copenhagen – Skandigration, Rotary(Kathrine Heiberg)

130313 Great Britain, London – Global Futurescape seminar(Kathrine Heiberg)

130205 Sweden, Stockholm – Retail Properties 2013(Kathrine Heiberg)

130129 Denmark, openhagen – Malls in Denmark, development (Kathrine Heiberg)

121106 Belgium, Brussels – European research seminar(Kathrine Heiberg)

121008 Estonia, Tallin – ICSC Seminar (Kathrine Heiberg)

120702 Belgium, Brussels – ICSC School (Kathrine Heiberg)

120620 Denmark, Copenhagen – Magasinet Ejendom about Copenhagen shopmarket (Kathrine Heiberg)

120419  Germany, Berlin – ICSC women in real estate(Kathrine Heiberg)

120418 Germany, Berlin – ICSC indoor positioning (Kathrine Heiberg)

120531 Poland, Warsaw – Retail Vision (Kathrine Heiberg)

120620 Denmark, Hellerup – Butiksmarkedet i København(Kathrine Heiberg)

120702 Belgium, Brussels – ICSC School (Kathrine Heiberg)

121018 Estonia, Tallin – ICSC (Kathrine Heiberg)

111115 UK, London – Hammerson retail conference about innovation (Kathrine Heiberg)

111110 Denmark, Copenhagen – ICSC ERG European seminar hosted by Kathrine Heiberg reteam group. (Kathrine Heiberg)

110718 Lituania, Vilnius – ICSC school about developing strategies for shopping malls (Kathrine Heiberg)

110519 Sweden, Uppsala – Real Estate meeting

110504 Sweden, Kristianstad – Swedish retail association -Svensk Handel (Kathrine Heiberg)

110414 Copenhagen – Nordic retail confenece (Kathrine Heiberg)

110407 Istanbul – ICSC European marketing conference(Kathrine Heiberg)

110127 Lisbon – ICSC European research group seminar(Kathrine Heiberg)

110120 Elmau Austria – Women in real estate upper management network. (Kathrine Heiberg)

101111 Lisbon – EU leasing, Cushman Wakefield seminar(Kathrine Heiberg)

101103 Amsterdam – ERG european seminar (Kathrine Heiberg)

101013 Warsaw – Polish counsil of shopping centers (Kathrine Heiberg)

101006 Copenhagen – NCSC shopping center school (Kathrine Heiberg)

100915 Berlin – ICSC next generation master class

100603 Copenhagen – ERG ICSC workshop (Kathrine Heiberg)

100518 Malmö Sweden – Fastighetsägarna seminar (Kathrine Heiberg)

100507 Hamburg – Fastighetsägarna seminar (Kathrine Heiberg)

100325 Copenhagen –  Danish shop market seminar >>> (Kathrine Heiberg)

090916 Bratislava – Tjeck counsil of shopping centers(Kathrine Heiberg)

090428 Warsaw – Polish consil of shopping centers (Kathrine Heiberg)

090423 Barcelona – ICSC European seminar (Kathrine Heiberg)

090110 Warsaw – Polish counsil of shopping centers (Kathrine Heiberg)

080920 Copenhagen – Building retail in Copenhagen (Kathrine Heiberg)

080409 Copenhagen – Ballerup municipality yearly spring lunch meeting (Kathrine Heiberg)

071107 Malmö Sweden – Fastighetsdagen, sustainable refurbishment using MIND16 (Kathrine Heiberg)

071017 Gothenburg Sweden – Fastighetsdagen, sustainable refurbishment using MIND16 (Kathrine Heiberg)

071003 Copenhagen – VL group about cultural management in Scandinavia (Kathrine Heiberg)

070927 Copenhagen – Shoppingmall development 2008-2013(Kathrine Heiberg)

070812 Stockholm – Fastighetsdagen – reteam about sustainable refurbishment using MIND16 (Kathrine Heiberg)

070418 Stockholm – Nordic counsel of shoppingcenters(Kathrine Heiberg)

070131 Copenhagen – Retail future in Scandinavia (Kathrine Heiberg)

061109 Torshavn – Branding and MIND16 as a tool – Faroe Islands (Kathrine Heiberg)

061108 Malmoe – Fastighetsdagen Sweden  >>> (Kathrine Heiberg)

061102 Prague – ICSC introducing MIND16 >>> (Kathrine Heiberg)

061125 Malmoe – Cultural management in Scandinavia – Malmöe (Kathrine Heiberg)

061023 Copenhagen – The Trend seminar (Kathrine Heiberg)

061108 Gothenburg – Fastighetsvärlden – international retailers demand entering Scandinavia (Kathrine Heiberg)

061005 Copenhagen – Tic – building a store (Kathrine Heiberg)

060914 Stockholm – Fastighetsvärlden – international retailers demand entering Scandinavia (Kathrine Heiberg)

060607 Copenhagen – B network – what to consider retail wise when investing in retail properties (Kathrine Heiberg)

060607 Århus – Ehrversmarked in Århus – about streets and retail trends in Århus Denmark (Kathrine Heiberg)

060511 Copenhagen – Institute for global mobility >>> (Kathrine Heiberg)

060131 Copenhagen – The retail store market seminar(Kathrine Heiberg)

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