reteam group Newsletter #1 2016

reteam South Africa

We have been commuting frequently to our clients in South Africa for the past two years. We now feel the growing demand for our services, and are very excited to announce the newest member to the reteam family, reteam South Africa. The office is located in Pretoria and headed by Jaco Reyneke. Jaco has a degree in Town & Regional Planning and is already involved in several projects.

For those of you who have not been to South Africa we advise you to come. The climate, food and wine are fantastic, and the people in the shopping center industry are open minded and welcoming. There are a lot of good shopping malls, and people DO buy.

If you believe that South Africa is your potential market, now is a good time to start investigating, as the rand is a bargain. We will be pleased to give you an introduction, and show you around.

In 2015, we finalized a strategy for Southgate Mall situated on the south of Johannesburg. The mall is owned by Pareto Limited, the largest real estate owner in South Africa. Once more, reteam systems* proved to make a difference. After interviewing 400 people, we could deliver new insights to the management, and the architects got a precise view on how to improve the current design. It also turned out that people living in Soweto have a higher spending power than anticipated.

*Note: reteam systems is a world leading tool kit for making operational strategies

Consumers in Southgate Shopping mall

Consumers in Southgate Shopping mall

Consumer-designed shopping malls

The true identity of a place is a reflection of its people, not the people developing it. It is very simple; you want people in your catchments area to spend time and money in your retail destination, so you need to understand what motivates them.

If a shopping mall does not accommodate the customers’ needs, people will spend less time there or goes somewhere else to get those needs fulfilled.

In 2004, reteam group found the key to unlock the mind of the consumer. After conducting more than 16,000 interviews resulting in successful strategies from South Africa to Finland, we now know that this works.

The first step in developing a consumer-designed place is to identify what personality traits, values, attitudes and preferences consumer have. Mind16 enables you to gain this valuable knowledge.  The result can be transformed into a framework for design, architecture and a branding platform that makes the retail destination relevant and authentic.

Would you like to know how mind16 can make your retail destination more successful?

Call or email Sandra Holm, sh(at) ,+46 (0)708 103 702.

Do you want to know what type of shopper you are?

Take the 3-min-test at:

Rondo shopping mall in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Awarded the best refurbishment in Poland 2015. Refurbishment based on mind16 analysis.

Sydhavnen – a very special place in Copenhagen

Every city district has its own soul, and this is indeed the truth when it comes to Sydhavnen. Dominated by working-class apartments, it was built around 70 years ago.  The city district now has to move into a new and modern version of itself, without selling out the original values of Sydhavnen. In this neighborhood, thousands of new flats are being built, housing a lot of potential new costumers for the retail and restaurant areas in Sydhavnen.

In collaborating with the Danish public housing association KAB and AKB, Copenhagen, and supported by the government, we are currently in the process of creating a new strategy for Sydhavnen. One goal is to implement a structure to help local landlords understand the importance of attractive activities in the shop at street level in an area dominated by apartments.

Sustainability, functionality and universality are key factors in creating a strategy for local citizens, shop owners, landlords and the municipality of Copenhagen. This does not only secure a commercial development beneficial for both, but also serves as a universal model for development of future local retail in city districts dominated by housing

reteam interviewing people in Sydhavnen

Carlsberg Brewery is transforming into a city district.

In a few months the first section of Carlsberg City District is ready. A university with 10.000 students, and new train station expected to be the 5th largest station in terms of foot fall in the Copenhagen region. There are more than 50.000 people living just around the corner, the area has the highest no of inhabitants pr. km2 in Northern Europe. Most stores are leased but there are a few units available. If you are interested in opening a store at Carlsberg don’t hesitate to email Maria Bloch-Jørgensen at mbj (at)

reteam interviewing people in Sydhavnen

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